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I.T. Services:
Practical Actions offers a range of I.T. services covering product selection and post-implementation audit as well as custom-made computer solutions, multimedia packages and presentations.
100% Post-implementation audit.    
  Frequently, a successful implementation is seen as an end rather than a milestone. The newly implemented system may, indeed do everything and more than those it replaced. In some cases, however, it falls short of the claims made by the sales team and consultants responsible. ..more..
      Custom computer solutions
100% Custom-made computer solutions.  
  Using industry standard products we can produce fully documented applications, multimedia packages and presentations for your specific needs. ..more..  
100% Product selection.  
  The number and range of hardware and software products is increasing daily and can be bewildering and daunting to anyone not constantly in touch with the marketplace. The wrong choice can, at best, be expensive and, at worst, may cause fatal damage to your business. We keep in touch with new products being offered together with developments in more mature products.

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31st March 2018
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