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Post-implementation audit:
Frequently, a successful implementation is seen as an end rather than a milestone. The newly implemented system may, indeed do everything and more than those it replaced. In some cases, however, it falls short of the claims made by the sales team and consultants responsible.
To ensure that best value for money is obtained, shortly after implementation the delivered system must be compared with the claims made and specifications agreed at the contract stage.
Even being satisfied that the original claims and specifications have been met, once the new system has passed the go-live stage and following a period of consolidation, there may be many advantages still to be realised. These further benefits are only likely to be identified and obtained through a formal 'optimisation' process.
We can assist in all the following stages,
  100% specification,
  100% selection,
  100% design,
  100% configuration and implementation,
  100% post-implementation audit,
  100% optimisation.
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31st March 2018
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