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Middlesborough Council
11/200611/2006Review of system blueprint, comparison with system delivered and recommend further development and improvement.
National Air Traffic Services (NATS)
07/200610/2007Checking and amending configuration of existing system (FI-GL, FI-AP, FI-TM) to ensure readiness for extension of functionality with PS module. Configuration to provide Earned Value and Results Analysis functions and Investment Management.
Downstream Oil
01/199908/1998Transition of support for PS, IM and FI-AA modules from Project Implementation Team in UK to permanent support team centralised in The Netherlands. Involved initial knowledge transfer, establishment of adequate documentation, working practices and structures as pilot in first 'go-live' country to allow smooth transition in following countries.
11/199704/1998Configured PS module for use in Capital Project Tracking; configured FI-AA for Fixed Asset Accounting and CO-CCA for Management Accounting.
Aerospace & Defence
09/199902/2000Post-Implementation work to ensure adherence to audit requirements. Wide coverage involving PS, CO, MM modules; settlement of networks and WBS elements, stock provisions, sundry industry-specific reporting needs, etc.
12/199410/1997Member of implementation team following three years as Special Project Accountant. R?le was to represent interest of finance function within project management team (PS).

Later developed into ensuring adequate integration between PS and SD and FI/CO modules and overall integration.

Developed and delivered end-user training courses for Finance Overview, Product Costing, Project Accounting and Revenue recognition.
10/200806/2010Enhancement and Support to full PS Module including networks, scheduling, workforce planning and reporting.
06/201001/2011Re-implementation of SAP system under ECC6 including new functionality such as Networks & Scheduling, Earned Value Management, Workforce Planning & CATS.
03/200012/2000Preparation and assistance for go-live and subsequent support in areas of PS and MM (Procurement). As a member of the Enterprise Centre for Excellence (EcoE) provision of support, enhancements and upgrade for operating companies in Northern Europe. Testing and control of London office upgrade from 3.1h to 3.1i using Winrunner? Quick Test for R/3. Winrunner? also used for mass change and dataload.
08/200311/2003Member of Continuous Support (Finance) Team supporting PS, IM, FI-AA modules.
01/201109/2011Design & Implementation of IM and PS modules (incl. Appropriation Requests) for monitoring and control of marketing projects.
Postal services and property management
01/200104/2003Implementation of PS module across 17 Business Units in three phases. All functions of the module used including Work Breakdown Structures, Networks, Milestones and Earned Value Analysis, Scheduling and Cost Control under version 4.6C. Liaison with the Business Units for process analysis and for Training, Unit Testing, Integration and acceptance testing; these using Winrunner? Quick Test for R/3 tools. Integration with Real Estate Module.
Power Distribution
05/200204/2003Post upgrade (to 4.6C) rationalisation phase extending use of PS module to functions formerly performed with non-integrated applications; these functions include financial and capacity planning.
Board Manufacture
11/199704/1998Worked closely with VAR's Sales Executive for Construction Industry to prototype industry-specific demonstration system to assist entry into that market. Configured FI-AA for Fixed Asset Accounting.
Downstream Oil / Petrochemical
11/199704/1998Scoped SAP solution for Product Costing in Process Industry, including specification of interfaces to legacy systems.
Insulation products
11/199704/1998Scoped SAP solution for Product Costing CO-PC in Batch/Process manufacturing environment.
05/200307/2003Member of SAP Competency Centre offering support and configuration changes required by Business.
03/200406/2004Extension of PS Functionality to include Earned Value Analysis and Progress Reporting and implementation of Investment Management module IM.
12/200302/2004Feasibility study and recommendations for merging two SAP systems onto a single instance including high level design and gap resolution. Specific areas PS, FI, CO
10/200501/2006Configuration of PS and transition of data and activities of part of the business into new company.
04/200810/2008Testing Results Analysis for WIP accounting and provision of additional reporting from Easy Cost Planning in PS module
07/200409/20051. Report on Business Process Re-Engineering (BNFL)
2. Configure 4.70 system for Pre-sale demonstration, config. of PS including Workforce Planning, Easy Cost Planning, and Capacity Planning. (Mercury Eng.)
3. Re-implementation of PS and IM under 4.70 with extended functionality of Networks and Earned Value Analysis together with interfaces to other systems eg. Primavera P3e via Impress. (BNFL)
Upstream Oil & Gas
11/200703/2008Analysis, Design and prototype PS and IM modules module to replace Internal Orders as cost objects to achieve reporting more appropriate to requirements of high value, long term projects
Facilities Management
09/201104/2013Introduction of Project System functionality initially for control of facilities management projects. Subsequent roll out with Investment management for control of capital projects Full lifecycle for new modules.
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